School TOURS
Apollo School Tours offer educators the opportunity to connect their classroom curriculum to the Soul of American Culture. Tours are 60 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 30 students and 5 chaperones per group.

The Apollo is a New York City Department of Education Vendor – #133630066
Grades K-12
The Apollo and the Harlem Renaissance 
The Harlem Renaissance was a revolutionary era in early 20th century Black art and culture. On this tour, students are exposed to a selection of musicians and performers of this period and explore how artistic visionaries of the Harlem Renaissance continue to influence individuals, institutions, and communities today. 
Grades K-12
Music of The Apollo
Through multimedia primary and secondary source documents, students learn about music genres central to The Apollo’s legacy including Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, and Soul. Students also gain insight into the evolving nature of popular music genres.
Grades K – 4
Apollo Highlights Tour
Through inquiry-based learning, students develop an understanding of The Apollo’s history from its opening show in 1934 up through the 21st century. Students have an opportunity to participate in their own “mock” Amateur Night.
Grades 3 – 12
Apollo Scavenger Hunt
This tour focuses on the physical structure of The Apollo as a theater and identifies those elements which distinguish it as a national landmark. Students learn specific architectural terms associated with the theater such as marquee, proscenium, and mezzanine. On a scavenger hunt, students use an illustrated key to discover some of the distinctive features and details of the Apollo that often go unseen by many visitors.

Education Programs

A School Tour at Apollo Theater

The Apollo offers engaging music, dance, and theater instruction while highlighting its rich history and ongoing significance to Harlem and Black culture. Programs are inquiry-based, interactive, and interdisciplinary, and Apollo School Programs connect to national, state, and local arts and academic standards.

Discover more about The Apollo’s workshops and residencies, School Tours, School Day Live performances, distance learning options, and partnerships and special projects.

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Apollo School Apprentices

The Apollo Theater Academy provides opportunities for young adults in the performing arts and entertainment fields through workshops, internships, apprenticeships, and events.

  • The Arts Administration Internship explores the impact of arts administration on live and recorded productions at The Apollo, where students develop a concept for the signature summer event, Teen Takeover.
  • The Technical Stage Production Internship assigns students to work with members of The Apollo’s production crew, where they gain experience applying technical elements of theater such as lighting design, videography, audio engineering, carpentry, and production design to live and recorded stage productions.
  • The Apprenticeship program provides college students and recent graduates with training and mentorship as they work with Apollo staff to design, implement, and produce their own projects and/or events.
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With Professional Learning workshops, Apollo Education energizes, inspires, and provides K-12 educators with resources and hands-on activities to connect the arts to classroom curricula, all while meeting educational and arts standards.

Professional Learning workshops are available to educators from all grade levels and disciplines. Workshops are intended to benefit both educators and their students and to provide educators with methods and strategies for teaching and learning through the arts and across disciplines. The Apollo is a NYS-approved provider for Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credits.

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Apollo Stories is an interactive digital learning hub for high school educators who want to spark critical thinking in the minds of their students. It provides lesson plans, resources, and activities that explore justice, culture, and identity. The inaugural lessons are built around The Apollo’s world premiere stage adaptation of Ta Nehisi-Coates' Between the World and Me.Geared towards activating and amplifying the voices of high school-aged students, the program gives young people a framework to understand and navigate issues of contemporary America and reflects The Apollo’s commitment to utilizing the arts and humanities to foster conversation centered on the Black experience.

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Apollo School Tours highlight the legendary history and performers of The Apollo, and the impact on music and performing arts development. All tours are thematic, inquiry-based, interactive, and use multimedia. They also connect to national, state, and local arts and academic standards. Bring your students to experience the legacy and learn the history of The Apollo!

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