Digital Collective


Apollo Theater Academy - Digital Collective


Digital Collective (DC) explores digital storytelling through a wealth of multimedia platforms, including essays and memoirs, graphic design and production design, photography and videography, podcasting and more.

This program teaches you how to tell compelling digital stories, and provides the opportunity to learn from professionals who are excelling in creative industries.

Apply to the Digital Collective If You Are...


  •  A high school student in the 10th or 11th grade
  •  Living in one of NYC’s five boroughs
  •  Fascinated by the power of storytelling through a variety of digital mediums
  • A multi-talented creative
  • Interested in learning about careers in digital production
  • Someone who enjoys working on projects as part of a team

Digital Collective 2021 Final Presentation

Replicating a digital production team, students were divided into three teams to create short films. Each team, guided by instructors, consists of a videographer, audio & lighting designer, video streamer/editor, and a producer/director. As production team members gained foundational skills in the departments listed above, DC Producers developed pre production plans that included budgets, location scouting and script development.  Students worked towards creating projects that are introspective, critical, and ambitious.

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