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Apollo Theater Education Programs

The Apollo Theater Education Programs extends the Apollo’s commitment to enhancing the life of the community. The Education Program focuses on four distinct areas of learning and engagement: residencies, workshops and tours for schools; curriculum materials aligned to state and national learning standards and study guides derived from the Theater’s history; career development for teens and adults through the Apollo Theater Academy; and discussions and lectures for the public that highlight the history of the Apollo and its impact on American art, culture and entertainment.

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"….the Apollo probably exerted a greater influence upon popular culture than any other entertainment venue in the world. For blacks it was the most important cultural institution–not just the greatest black theatre, but a special place to come of age emotionally, professionally, socially, and politically."

Ted Fox, “Showtime at the Apollo

Connect your Classroom Curriculum
to the Soul of American Culture!
The Apollo’s School Programs are designed to fit within the needs of your school community. Our programs highlight the rich history of the Apollo and its connection to Harlem and African American culture, while also providing engagement in music, dance, and theater. Apollo School Programs are inquiry-based, interactive, interdisciplinary, and connect to both the Common Core State Standards in ELA/Social Studies and the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts. MORE INFO
Setting the Stage for Success In addition to its rich history in furthering the careers of entertainers, the Apollo has a legacy of providing tangible opportunities for technicians, designers and other behind-the-scenes industry professionals. The Apollo Theater Academy advances this legacy through seminars, workshops, internships and events designed to increase knowledge of careers in the performing arts and entertainment fields such as technical stage production and arts management. MORE INFO
Programs For Adults The Apollo Theater has a number of programs and initiatives to create opportunities for members of our community to advance their careers including workshops, seminars, and other events. MORE INFO
Programs For Families Over the course of its more than 75 year history, the Apollo has long served as a source of entertainment and often as an initial opportunity to discover live music, dance and theater. Many adults cite the Apollo as their first exposure to live performance through attendance at shows at the theater. MORE INFO

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