WOW Teen Summit



WOW Teen Summit provides a space for artists, activists and leaders to gather in Harlem’s historic theater to explore the most pressing issues affecting women and girls across social and cultural boundaries.

Wow Teen Summit 2021

WOW Teen Summit: Creating Social Change

This year’s event will explore the impact girls and young women are having on local and global policy making. As a new generation of activists steps into the political arena, issues surrounding gender, race, and the environment are moving up in priority and inspiring new social movements. WOW Teen Summit will provide a space to explore the issues at hand and the role girls and women are playing in shaping our world.

Hosted by Natalie Hernandez, our global forum will feature a wide range of activists, including: Imxn Abdul, Gabriela Cerezo, Lola Fayokun, Hebh Jamal, and Theresa Rose Sebastian. Tune in to meet them and learn how you can join their cause, or start your own. With special performances by Brianna Knight and Alyssa Martinez, this virtual summit will celebrate and empower young women and their allies.

Teen Summit 2019
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