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Digital Collective Final Presentation


Apollo Theater Academy Digital Collective is an 8 Week program that provides high school students with opportunities for professional and personal development as they explore careers in Technical Stage and Digital Production. Students have studied and practiced the use of digital media in live and recorded productions and how lighting design, videography, audio engineering, production design and live streaming come together in the creation of virtual events. This culminating presentation highlights their work throughout the program.

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Digital Stage


Replicating a digital production team, students were divided into three teams to create short films. Each team, guided by instructors, consists of a videographer, audio & lighting designer, video streamer/editor, and a producer/director. As production team members gained foundational skills in the departments listed above, DC Producers developed pre production plans that included budgets, location scouting and script development.  Students worked towards creating projects that are introspective, critical, and ambitious.

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