The Apollo Education Program produces study guides and other resource materials for teachers and students that connect to School Day Live performances, School Tours, and topics related to the history of the Apollo Theater.

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Celebrating Curtis Mayfield

June is Black Music Month and while the celebration of Black music is a regular occurrence at the Apollo Theater, we have taken this opportunity to highlight musician and songwriter Curtis Mayfield with a special Apollo Theater Study Guide.

Get on Board! pays tribute to Mayfield’s life and music and highlights songs that he wrote during the 1960s and 1970s. These songs, often called the soundtrack of the Civil Rights Movement, continue to inspire generations of artists. We hope it will inspire you and your students as well.

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Between the World and Me: Educational Resource Guide

This Resource Guide was crafted to integrate the book and the stage production of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me” into the classroom curriculum. Each lesson in the Resource Guide references themes discussed in the book. The Guide also provides a list of supporting resources and references. These include literature and poetry, film and video, works of art and music, as well as a review and an interview with Coates. These resources and references can also be accessed through an interactive digital blog. Here, visitors are invited to consider events and people relevant to “Between the World and Me” and to share their own thoughts on the book or the production.

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Walk of Fame Legend Guides

The Apollo Theater’s Walk of Fame celebrates and honors the legendary performers who have helped to build the Theater’s legacy for over 80 years.  The Walk of Fame inductees have had an enormous influence on generations of musicians and fans.  To learn more, download the guides.

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Theater Study Guide 

Check out our newly released Theater Study Guide. Learn about the history of theater, jobs in a theater, and go behind the scenes in a special interview with our Associate Producer, Laura Greer. 


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Teacher Guides

Teacher Guides connected to School Day Live performances are available for use as a pre and post show resource.

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Educator Resource Guide

This Apollo Educator Resource Guide includes materials that are specifically aligned to the content in our School Tour Programs and Workshops. Feel free to make activity modifications to best satisfy the needs, skills, and interests of your students. Whether you have brought your students to the Apollo for a School Tour or an Apollo Teaching Artist has visited your school to engage students in a workshop, this guide will help you extend and deepen the impact of our programs alongside your classroom curriculum.

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Planning Your Tour Guide

Please consult our Planning for Your Apollo Tour document before your scheduled visit.

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Planning Your Workshop Guide

Please consult our Planning for Your Apollo Workshop document before your scheduled Workshop(s).

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Apollo Education Podcasts

Apollo Education podcasts presents audio from discussions and lectures that focuses on "behind-the-scenes" professions in the arts and entertainment industry and topics pertinent to the history of the Apollo Theater and the Theater’s role in shaping American entertainment.

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