Mr. Caffey began his entertainment career as a song and dance man in New York City in 1981. Since then he has the rare distinction of having performed, conceived, created, directed, choreographed and written for the Broadway stage. His theatrical creations and productions have appeared on 3 Continents, in over 10 countries, 100’s of theaters, including Broadway, Off-Broadway, The White House; also seen by millions on television. These include: 3 Mo’ Divas, Three Mo’ Tenors, Cookin’ at the Cookery, Street Corner Symphony and The Ceremonial Groundbreaking for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Bowfire and many more.



Capone is known around the world as the Gangsta of Comedy. Named after the original King of Crime, this Bronx born native hustled his way onto the entertainment scene in 1992. It’s been fireworks ever since. Capone is gifted with a comedic flair that appeals to people from all around the world.  He has shared the stage with comedians such as Mike Epps, Drew Frasier, Talent, Rob Stapleton, Gerald Kelly, Tracy Morgan and many other heroes of comedy. Capone is the host of Amateur Night at the Apollo every Wednesday night. Other standup credits include the Uptown Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club and Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York. “My jokes are about personal relationships, children, society, work and ethnicity” says Capone. “Through comedy, I try to help the audience see that after any dark tunnel, there’s always light.” He’s here, sitting stoically upon his comedic throne waiting to tickle the next funny bone.


C.P. Lacey

C.P. Lacey is a man of a thousand disguises. He is also a master impressionist, dancer, comedian, actor, singer and playwright. One of his most popular roles is The Executioner for Amateur Night at the Apollo. For thirteen seasons, C.P. Lacey has protected the integrity of the Apollo Theater’s legendary stage. When the Amateur Night “bad talent” alarm rings, Mr. Lacey dons his Executioner costume and quickly sweeps the offender right off the stage. A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, C.P. was made aware of his talent at an early age. His elementary school music teachers immediately recognized his gift to sing in perfect pitch. That talent, coupled with an extraordinary knack for dance, has enabled Lacey to flawlessly impersonate celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown, MC Hammer and Michael Jackson with bedazzling accuracy. Mr. Lacey’s list of credits includes numerous appearances at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City and BET’s “Comic View.” He has worked with legendary recording artists such as Lou Rawls, Paul Simon and Patti LaBelle. C.P.’s additional stage work includes performances at The Theatre of Madison Square Garden with four consecutive seasons of A Christmas Carol and two seasons of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He also landed a leading role in London, England’s West End production of the Jackie Wilson Story.

Set it Off Man

Greginald Spencer

An international entertainer, singer, recording artist, actor, event host and music director, Greginald Spencer is a versatile singer who performs multiple genres of music, from R&B, Soul and Gospel to Country, Funk and Pop. Greginald was born and raised in the heart of South Mississippi, in the small town of Collins. He currently resides in New York City, where he works as an independent artist, performing all over the world.

Greginald was the very first winner of BET’s Apollo Live in 2012. Apollo Live was the revival of the televised talent competition Showtime at the Apollo, with guest judges Gladys Knight, Doug E. Fresh and Michael Bivins. He is a social justice activist and a mentor, who takes great pride in developing and nurturing the gifts of young aspiring artists. He hopes that his story of trials and triumph will inspire a generation of dreamers to never give up on their dream, no matter how impossible they may seem.

Photo of Greginald Spencer seated against white backdrop wearing gray blazer, red shirt, and blue jeans.